Inventar was started to explore every day problem solving with connected technology, particularly robotics.

I began my career with 9 years mechanical and electrical engineering experience obtained in the British Army before completing a Degree in Computer Science and spending the next 2 decades working in IT. 

As an engineer and computer scientist, I've specialised in systems and applications monitoring solutions and integrations and developed a personal passion for robotics, IoT, automation and all forms of emerging technology.

Fascinated by computers from a young age, I have always enjoyed designing and building things and I love using technology to solve problems.

My primary area of interest is in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in relation to affordable robotics, including designing affordable robots that can positively impact people's lives and the world we live in and finding ways to inspire more people of all ages to get more involved in technology and robotics.

If you have any robotics questions , or projects, you'd like to discuss, please get in touch.

Elliot Pittam

Elliot Pittam at Young Coders Workshop