Expanding the use of the Micro:bit

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

The BBC Micro:bit is great to get you started into programming, it has a whole range of inbuilt functionality like an accelorometer and and a simple 5x5 display. But what if you want to connect this little device to more, perhaps a robot or move away from just using crocodile clips on the simple connections available?

What I have used in many projects now is to add an edge connector to the Micro:bit, this allows all 20 pins available to be used, and you can easily plug in jumper leads to expand the use.

I typically use this edge connector in my projects:

Edge connector for BBC Micro:bit

You can then use standard jumper wires to access the pins and add them to your own projects.

Jumper wires

You will need to have a female ended jumper wires to plug into the edge connector. These are available in many places for sale, Amazon is always a good starting point.

You also will need to then know what pins are available and I have found the best way to work this out is use the pinout diagram available here.

Micro:bit Pinout Guide

This will allow you to see which connections you can use as digital pins or analog pins.

I used the edge connector and this pin out diagram on one of my projects here.

Micro:bit Edge Connector Wiring

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