M5Stack RoverC & JoyC

I created a short youtube video to show how to connect the RoverC and JoyC from M5Stack. There is often little documentation with the newer products, and I know I was not sure how to connect the two devices so heres my write up and a short video.

First you need to add the M5StickC so you need two, one for the RoverC and one for the JoyC, these will talk to each other using WIFI.

The RoverC will create a WIFI access point that the JoyC will connect to.

Its important that you load the RoverC and the JoyC with the correct program.

The quickest way is to use the easyloader which gives an executable which you can download and run, this will install the program onto each of the M5StickC.

For the RoverC get the easyloader from here:

For the JoyC get the easyloader from here:

Note: these easyloaders only work with Microsoft Windows at the moment.

Once you have both programs setup on the RoverC and JoyC, ensure you charge them both by fitting the M5StickC's to both the RoverC and the JoyC, and plugging in the USB C cable provided to a USB socket.

To power up and connect check out my short youtube video.

If you prefer to use the Arduino IDE you can use the link here: