We offer robotics and IoT advice and assistance, specialising in affordable robot design, robot building, hardware selection and sensor arrays.

Robotics help for individuals:

We help adults wanting to learn more about robotics, or wanting to get their child more involved in robotics, to clarify the best path based on your individual requirements.

Robotics help for educators:

We help teachers new to robotics with additional information, training and/or advice to help you run your classes, particularly if you want to focus on teaching students how to build their own robots.

Robotics reviews and advice for tech companies:

We can provide free, impartial product reviews of new hardware and freelance robot and IoT design including hardware recommendations, where possible we try and use off the shelf and available hardware, focused on providing affordable solutions which are easy to support.

Our Background

With decades of IT experience in connected systems, computer science and engineering, our mission is to work on projects that make a difference.


We're focused on solving real world problems using technology; as well as helping up and coming inventors, engineers and organisations to harness the potential of low cost, easy to find, computers and electronic components, robotics and IoT; to create solutions that will help people, business and the environment.


We have been working and researching on creating robots and IoT sensor arrays in the field for rescue, security and human detection as well as education.

Work With Us

Contact us to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to discuss your requirements.

Join Our Virtual Team

We are building a team of talented coders, engineers, computer scientists passionate about problem solving with robotics and robotics training.


We are keen to connect with writers, bloggers, vloggers, hardware manufacturers and builders, specialising in robotics to work with us on new content, new kits, new workshops and new projects. 


If you are interested in joining us please get in touch.

Got Questions?

If you have a robotics question you'd like to ask our team, please join our free online community to ask your question in our forum and we'll get back to you.

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